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Now Available to run in Windows!

GEMPAK, the GEneral Meteorology PAcKage, is a suite of applications for the decoding, analysis, display and diagnosis of weather data. GEMPAK provides a comprehensive set of meteorological parameter calculations for surface, upper-air, gridded, and remotely sensed data.

Weather output is available on the web from various free sources, but there are many concerns with that data:

  • Can't pan & zoom around the map
  • Limited (if any) ability to overlay different data types
  • No way of knowing what grid-resolution the graphics utilize
  • Update times well behind what they could be
  • Inability to customize color schemes / map backgrounds / etc.

Previously GEMPAK was only available for National Weather Service or university use. Now Skywatch Services is your only source of ready-to-run Linux computers, fully configured with GEMPAK / NAWIPS software and set to retrieve data from the Internet!

Check out some of these samples:

A tutorial provided by Unidata shows more features, as well as a look at some of the GEMPAK / GARP / NMAP operations.

THERE ARE NO DATA OR OTHER RECURRING FEES! The system is completely configured to run and obtain real-time data as soon as you run the application...

Windows/MAC Version

Thanks to the free VMWare Player, you can use a pre-configured file to seamlessly integrate GEMPAK into your Windows-based machine! For just $120 you will receive the software completely ready to run on DVD*, and be able to load GEMPAK and display the data without any knowledge of Linux...

Choose this if you don't want to dedicate a machine for full-time operations, or if you want to take your laptop on the road and use GEMPAK while mobile! This will run on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or Server! Macintosh-based machines will work with VMWare Fusion.

(*If you don't have a DVD drive, add $20 to receive the software on CD)

Full Linux Install

Skywatch Services prefers Dell computers for GEMPAK installations. Any system they sell will be ample, but their high-end workstations provide the ultimate combination of speed and versatility. We recommend GotApex for a list of the latest Dell specials and rebates, where you can usually get a good system delivered for less than $500!

GEMPAK will work with Fedora Core 7 or later, but Centos seems to be much more reliable. More information on the packages installed is available here. Payment can be made with PayPal, Check, Money Order or Purchase Order.

If you can install Centos and open up access via Internet, the remote installation and configuring of the GEMPAK suite would be $240. If you aren't comfortable with setting up Linux, have your system shipped here and we install and return for $300 + shipping (usually around $20 for ground.)

Linux GEMPAK - $240


  • Workstation WRF-NMM (Hi-Res):                                    $100

  • Web Upload of Graphics (Model / Radar / Sat / etc):    $100


Upgrades are usually available four times per year, as the core GEMPAK is updated by NWS NCEP. Those are available at $25 per update plus shipping.

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