Bringing Weather To You

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Skywatch Services LLC

Regardless of your background - Skywatch Services LLC has something for you... From the general user interested in tomorrow’s weather forecast, to the emergency manager who wants to know where the tornado is headed, to the professional meteorologist looking for a powerful display system!

Providing satellite and Internet feeds of weather data for over a decade!

The National Weather Service monitors the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the United States and more. How would you like a direct tap into that data? RealEMWIN works with the Internet feed direct from the NWS, or a satellite signal beamed down from the same satellites that you see pictures from on the daily news.

Does your company need to know if severe weather could be a direct threat?

Our newest venture is intended for safety officials responsible for notifying employees, students, hospital patients – whoever needs to be alerted for tornadoes, high winds, large hail, or deadly flooding. First2Warn delivers information just for your location, avoiding the false alarms from storms in other parts of the county...


All of our products can be customized in various ways, please feel free to contact us if you have specific requests!

The standard when it comes to meteorological display and analysis...

If you have more interest in the weather than just reading the forecast from your local meteorologist, take the next step with GEMPAK / NAWIPS from the National Weather Service. This software runs on a dedicated Linux machine, or within Windows and MAC operating systems using VMWare, to provide a full meteorological workstation!